Revision to the classification of industries (TOL/NACE)

Event industry

Event organizing, with the various business activities related to it, forms the "event industry", an industry dedicated to producing events. In the event industry, the end product is an event. The process of producing an event comprises a broad spectrum of business activities involving venues, equipment and furniture, technology, security, and content.

Up until today, event industries have been considered based on the content or format of various events, for example, sports, culture, exhibitions, and congresses. Now, led by Event Industries Finland (Tapahtumateollisuus ry) established this June, the industry is organizing for the first time to have its business considered "event industry" business.

According to the first industry study conducted by the Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku, the event industry is a 2.35-billion-euro business that has seen strong growth over the last few years.

Event industry in the TOL (NACE) classification

In the current TOL classification of industries, the event industry is not recognized as a dedicated industry. Based on our study, event industry operators are found in over twenty different TOL(NACE)-classified industries. The current classification does not allow for collecting statistics on the event industry and also contributes to the industry's relatively low visibility.

Amendment proposal to the TOL (NACE) classification

As the event industry is of considerable social significance, this should be clearly reflected in the TOL (NACE) classification that supports decision-making in our society.

We propose an amendment to the TOL (NACE) classification to clearly recognize the event industry as a dedicated, distinct industry. The industry provides "event" service products, and its sub- industries provide related subcontracting products and services. We propose a new entry in category R, number 94, to be named the Event industry. This main category would include the following classifications, making it possible to collect business statistics on producing "event" products.

94 Event Industries:

● Event organizers
● Venues
● Artist and program agencies
● Event technical rentals
● Event equipment and furniture rentals
● Ticket sales providers
● Events-related services (catering, security etc.)
● Events design and consultation
● Digital events services
● Other events-specific services

The above classification would allow event industry companies to register themselves under a main category that better reflects their business. It would also improve collecting statistics on this growing industry as well as increase awareness of the industry's impact on society.

Event Industries Finland Kati Kuusisto
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