Event industry definition
The event industry has emerged in the last decade as a modern, complex "engine" of the progressive world. Our events serve almost all industries to present new products, communicate with their customers and generate sales. The economy in each country is highly dependent on a functioning event industry system.
Together with coalition members we have come up with an idea to structure our associations and divide event professionals into following groups and sectors. We suppose it could help to realize what industry is all about and also help local authorities understand the meaning and true impact that events have on economies and job creation.

Event industry (Live communication industry) is the industry that makes live events. This industry includes live professionals, special service (suppliers) and the general public (audience). Live interaction of these components in a live format is what we call live event.

Live events are real-time events that are aimed at achieving predesigned results and are aimed at a specific audience. In most cases, a prerequisite for a live event is a pre-designed and formed program that meets all the realities of its optimal implementation.

Live events at different stages involve the cooperation of organizers and performers, aimed at the most productive contact with the audience.

The main sign of a live event is the disclosure of the entire communication potential of its participants.

Features of a live event: the implementation of the program in time and space, obviously included in the general concept, developed and implemented by the organizers and performers in full. The Live Event is inseparable from the rich and positive emotional background of human communication. The humanistic spirit and the desire for active cooperation is an inseparable rule of a live event.

Live event does not contradict modern requests for online broadcasting. In this case, the main feature of the broadcast should be the preservation of the format and mood of the Event.

Evaluation of a live event, as well as broadcasting online includes intellectual and emotional factors, as well as the level of service and comfort for all participants and recipients.

A live event is capable of quickly turning on and responding to spontaneously occurring colors and shades of the program, which allows you to effectively adjust the event's evaluation range, as well as its high creative resource.