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Petition Summary

The petitioner claims to represent an alliance of the most influential associations in the events industry from over 14 countries in Europe and act in the interest of over 20,000 companies with more than 500,000 employees and more than 200,000 apprentices. She further claims that, in total, the events industry in Europe generates EUR 172.6 billion in direct GDP, supporting 2.9 million direct jobs. In view of the above considerations, she calls for this important industry to be recognized by national and regional governments for its value now, and not when it is beyond salvation as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Part of the problem, in her view, is that most of the decisions affecting the events industry are made locally and that the authorities who organize live events can be very different in different countries. She submits that this disunity condemns the industry to a lack of common solutions, help and strategies for its survival at the European level. Accordingly, she calls on the EU and its Member States to swiftly implement a number of urgent measures to provide direct aid to the events industry and save millions of jobs: 1. Fixed cost contribution, 2. Adaptation of loan programs, 3. Suspension of EU aid framework and, most importantly, 4. Required rescue dialogue for the events industry (and she details such measures in the petition).

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