Press Release
We are an alliance of the most influential associations in the event industry from over 14 countries in Europe and beyond We act in the interest of over 20.000 Companies with more than 500.000 thousand employees and more than 200.000 thousand apprentices.

LiveCom industry is a business sector that creates live events.

This industry includes massive business turnover: involving B2B (clients & relations focussed), B2E (internal & employees focussed) or B2C (consumers & fans focussed) live events. The event industry has emerged in the last decade as a modern, complex "engine" of the progressive world. Our events serve almost all industries to present new products, communicate with their customers and generate sales. Business events are also a unifying activity that brings together the ecosystems in innovative sectors such as health and education, science and technology, creative industry and also retail, hospitality, entertainment and sports. Business events allow cities to promote their brand as live meetings are part of the innovation capacity of a city. The event industry is in a unique position as we can drive not only economic recovery, but economic transition and economic renewal.


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