New online petition will be announced at Baltic-Nordic Event Forum

In the process of organizing WeAreLive, we’ve realized that as an industry we are global event industry but in terms of the decisions that were being made around the future of our industry, most of these were being made locally.

Unfortunately, local governments have so far either not taken up our offers to meet and discuss or have done so insufficiently. The solutions pointed out by our industry representatives, which would allow the event industry to be saved from destruction in a meaningful and sustainable way, have gone unheard.

At times like this when the recovery is so critical to our organizations, our society, our economy overall, the power of business events is something that can be central in reaching this goal.

We need good input from the industry itself.

We kindly ask you to sign the online petition that we have prepared to prevent a large number of bankruptcies, and quite possibly the permanent disappearance of the professional event industry.

The petition will be announced at #BNEF2020